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V.H. Young & L.A. Sawyer

Black and White ship negative collection

The black and white section of the V.H.Young & L.A.Sawyer Collection contains original negatives of approximately 130,000 different ships.

As an ongoing project, there will be constant addition to the almost 40,000 vessels currently listed in this catalogue. For more than 50 years the collection has supplied photographs to shipping companies, seafarers, authors, publishers and collectors.

All prints are processed by hand, with the aim of producing the very best that the original negative will deliver.

The majority of images held, were taken from around 1935, ongoing to the present day. This program will allow you to search for a vessel by name, type, owner, nationality or year built.

Maritime research facilities are also offered. Sheets, providing technical details and a brief history are available, at reasonable cost, for most ships listed.

This program is presented as a photographic catalogue. The ship names are supported with information to aid your search. While much care has been taken in its assembly, no responsibility is accepted for mistakes that it may contain. If you cannot find the vessel you seek, please e-mail me. It might well be included in the very large number of ships awaiting entry to the program.

Copyright for all images is the property of V.H.Young.

Prints supplied may not be reproduced or published in any way without prior arrangement and the permission of V.H.Young.

Above all, it is hoped that you will enjoy looking through the catalogue. The vast majority of ships featured come from shipping's golden age. Conventional ships, and a style of seafaring that has now been replaced by the age of the container.

V.H.Young Wellington New Zealand.

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